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About Main Street USA: Buying products made in the USA from small companies will help Make Main Street America Great Again.

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American Companies, Made in USA Products

The Great American Story: Main Street, Not Wall Street

America was founded by inventors, small business owners and the great American work force. They worked hard to have better lives for themselves and their families. The great American work ethic continues on, which is why I created this website. In addition to my news and opinion blog posts, it’s also my goal to make this the best site to help you find small companies and American made products.

Support Small Companies

Supporting these small companies with your business is vital to the local economy. It also helps the whole American economy, which is good for everyone. Large corporations have outsourced manufacturing to China and other cheap labor countries for many decades. They did this to boost their profits and stock prices. It’s true that Capitalism is great and being profitable is necessary to stay in business. However, it’s not good when making products in foreign countries has a negative effect on our economy.

The China Problem

Most products sold in America today are made in China. Chinese laborers are probably hard working, good people like most Americans. However, there’s nothing good about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the government of China. The CCP controls virtually every business in China and doesn’t give the Chinese people many rights. 

China is not the home of the free like we are in America. It’s no secret that the CCP’s goal is to dominate the world in every way. When American Companies manufacture products in China, it only makes the CCP wealthier and more dangerous. The CCP is now America’s biggest problem.

Buy American Products

Unfortunately it’s not realistic to only buy products made in America. It probably never will be as there are also good products made in other democratic (non-communist) countries, and that’s OK!

However, buying as many products as possible that are Made in the USA (or a non-communist country) will help smaller companies and American workers. Being wealthy shouldn’t just be for the corporate CEO’s and stockholders that choose to manufacture products outside the country. All Americans deserve to be more prosperous. Buying locally made products from small American companies will help Make Main Street America Great Again. It also helps the overall economy of America!

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you find it useful. Supporting small business is supporting American citizens and the great American Dream!