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MainStreetUSA.XYZ is the best website to find American made products. It’s also a great place to find companies that make products right here in the USA. When you buy American it’s a win-win outcome for both you the shopper and the American economy.

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More than just about companies and products made in America, this is a great site to read about interesting places and things going on around the country. Be sure to bookmark it for future reference!

Why Buying American Is Important

According to news articles, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) most likely created the COVID-19 virus. The Chinese government let people fly out of China to other countries, allowing it to spread. They also bought most of the the personal protective equipment (PPE) made in China, which prevented the U.S. from having enough.

The alleged “COVID-19 pandemic” of 2020/2021 has shown how vulnerable the U.S. has become to China. For example, our prescription drug supply is at risk because many of these ingredients are made in China. Being dependent on a communist country for our manufacturing has created a danger to American independence and our way of life.

The China Problem

Reports say that the CCP is guilty of the genocide of millions of people. Unborn children, religious and ethnic groups in China are all victims. The Chinese military is also one of the largest hackers of computer systems. China’s quest for world domination makes it more important than ever to bring manufacturing and jobs back to Main Street America.

I would imagine that most Chinese citizens are good people and want to live in a democracy. Unfortunately the policies of the U.S. government have allowed the Chinese Communist Party to grow strong over the last several decades. Large American companies have also helped the Chinese government grow by moving manufacturing to China. Because of that, the CCP is now America’s largest adversary.

The best way to fix the problem is for the CCP to lose their wealth, power and influence. That will happen when American companies stop manufacturing products in China. Until then, every American made product you buy helps make America stronger. For more information on the China problem, watch the video: Death By China: How America Lost it’s Manufacturing Base.

It’s worth saying again, buying American made products is good for all of America!

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