Laing Xylem Circulation Pumps

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Laing Hot Tub Spa Circulation Pumps
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Laing Pump Features and Benefits

  • Saves up to 68% electricity compared to a standard circulating pump
  • Highly efficient ECM Technology
  • World Voltage
  • Long lasting, silent operation
  • Resistant to scale build up
  • Maintenance free without blockage, extended service life
  • Single bearing design
  • Shaftless and sealless
  • Electronics Cooling
  • Chiller Systems
  • Water Circulation
  • Liquid Transfer
  • Ozone Treatment
  • General Purpose Pumping

Laing E10 Ecocirc Circulation Pumps

Laing E14 Thermotech Circulation Pumps

Discontinued Laing Hot Tub / Spa Pumps

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